Where would you like to begin?

Nothing exists in a vacuum. Whether we design a logo, compose a symphony, or write a blog post, the fact remains that we do so from a place of experience in many other things. Indeed, in that moment of creation it is impossible for us not to draw from all our experiences in life, using them to guide us forward towards an end result.

My sensibilities lay in this approach. That creating a kind and empathetic user experience for a web application can be informed by performing a jazz ballad in a crowded bar, listening to the crowd and reacting in real time to the ebbs and flows of their engagement. That writing a short story about the relationship between a father and son can be informed by taking photographs of live theater and musical performance. That painting a minimalist human figure can be informed by editing a piece of film down to its simplest form, focusing only on what is truly necessary for the story.

Each and every thing we do is informed by the sum total of events leading up to it. To that end, I have spent considerable time exploring a wide range of topics and finding joy in the interplay between them.