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Capturing life in motion, either as a photograph or in film, represents an opportunity to tell a story for future generations who gaze upon it. They will find themselves watching and rewatching what’s forever encapsulated there and wondering about the people in the picture. Who they are. How they got there. And they’ll wonder what’s immediately off camera, curious as to the unseen as much as the seen.

The bison rolling in dust or the taxi pushed by a driver and several passersby or the actor in mid soliloquy all contain within them a beginning, middle, and end. They show us the past as a frame of reference for seeing the future. I look for these tiny moments to capture…the places where you can see everything in one brief moment and understand the intention of both the scene and the subjects within it. In the best moments, I’m in the middle of the action but merely a prop to be ignored. A fly on the proverbial wall, locking the world into a rectangular canvas or collection of frames in service of the subject in front of me. Always in service of the subject.

Notable ClientsType of Work
Improv Songs Vol 2Cinematography, Editing (Short Film)
Silk Road RisingPhotography (Live Theater)
The Morse TheatrePhotography (Live Music Performance)
Chicago Chamber ChoirPhotography (Marketing)
Temple SteelDirection (Corporate Video)

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