Improvised Songs Vol. 2

  • Now You See Me, Now You See Me

    Now You See Me, Now You See Me

    Airan Wright: Woodwinds John Carroll: Bass, Drums, Percussion Sharon Lanza: Director, Actor Dave Smith: Actor Airan Wright: A/V Production

  • The Swimmer

    The Swimmer

    Airan Wright: Bb Clarinet, Pump Organ, A/V Production

  • Danaus plexippus

    Danaus plexippus

    Airan Wright: Tenor Sax w/ FX, A/V Production

  • Cold Getaway

    Cold Getaway

    Airan Wright: Woodwinds, Bass, Drums, Theremini Chad McCullough: Trumpet, Dbang Dung Ryan Miller: Painting (Acrylic) Airan Wright: A/V Production

  • Ancestral Interference

    Ancestral Interference

    Airan Wright: Woodwinds Nora Barton: Cello Matthew Shelton: Videography Airan Wright: A/V Production

  • Under Known Tones

    Under Known Tones

    Airan Wright: Woodwinds Andy Deitrich: Drums Airan Wright: Animation, A/V Production