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I am fascinated by well crafted sentences; the way the words circle about without getting in each other’s way like fish in a pond. The intricate interplay between this word and that interpreted by the author as something unique and personal. Yet, when placed in front of anyone else, the purpose of them changes, melting and dissolving into a myriad of meanings, each as unique and personal for the reader as the original intent was for the author.

This is why I love writing. I enjoy throwing ideas at the page as if they were water on empty canvas. They land and soak into the surface, waiting for a dab of pure pigment to saturate them with meaning. As with watercolors, the form of their story takes shape through constant molding and layering, adding adjectives, similes, and metaphors or dabbing them away until the raw shape takes hold. Letting the story dry on the canvas and returning to it for detail work, intricately and purposefully placed. Trusting that the little pieces of me buried in those delicate words glimmer below the surface, a testament to their origin.

Notable PiecesType of Work
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