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Looking for a little bit of everything woodwind doubling-related? You’re in the right place! 

I am lucky to have started my musical career growing up in a family that enjoyed pretty much every genre of music, from Debussy to Joni Mitchell to Prince to Benny Goodman. My childhood was a sampler tray of amazing creativity that inspired me to become a musician myself. To that end I’ve been fortunate to study with some amazing individuals, including jazz theory and performance with the incomparable Hugh Ragin, before heading off to the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley to study with professors Charles Hansen (bassoon) and Roger Greenberg (saxophone). I now perform and record regularly with an eclectic range of groups including Mucca Pazza, Big Shoulders Brass Band, Origin of Animal, and the improv variety show Mr. and Mrs. Wednesday Night. Additionally my woodwind quintet Ravenswood Winds prominently displays our cross-genre approach to composition and performance in our show “Ravenswood Winds Play Radiohead” by fusing classical sensibilities with modern rock techniques.

I believe that, in large part due to the eclectic nature of all the musical influences I grew up with, I’ve always had a predilection for woodwind doubling. To me, each instrument is a different tonal paint brush, complete with its own colorful personality. It’s delightful to explore the relationships between these personalities, letting them exist peacefully or clash violently. Indeed, crafting my own musical voice through layered woodwind choir tracks has been especially fun as I grow older and I look forward to more opportunities to explore this interplay between notes and tone quality on both my own works and with others.

Notable PerformancesBand / Ensemble
NPR Music Tiny Desk ConcertMucca Pazza
Ravenswood Winds Play Radiohead @ Evanston SPACERavenswood Winds
Live at MorselandBig Shoulders Brass Band
Chaos / ComposedOrigin of Animal / Chicago Composers Orchestra
LiveIsabelle Haze

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