Using Trends to Predict the Evolution of UX Design

by Airan Wright

Effective UX Design provides individuals with a bridge into any given experience. Today this looks like a screen on a phone, laptop or watch but, as our world continues to evolve, these bridges do as well. How UX Design changes with the rest of the world can be seen through the lens of current trends, both digital and social. Keeping up with these trends helps designers predict where to invest their time learning best practices in order to build innovative and disruptive experiences for future projects.

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(Originally published December 17, 2019 for Magenic Technologies Inc.)

Animated UX Functionality: Building Comfort and Cohesion

by Airan Wright

The everyday lives of everyday people start with everyday movement. We turn a knob on the faucet. We flip on the light switch. We slide open a silverware drawer. We progress through our day manipulating objects in functional ways to produce predictable results. Given this fact, it should come as no surprise that approaching similar functionality within a digital space will help build a level of comfort for your user as they interact with the experiences you design.

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(Originally published August 21, 2018 for Magenic Technologies Inc.)

A User’s Experience: The Power of a Good Story

by Airan Wright

We all love a good story. A fellowship of travelers on a quest to destroy a magic ring. The hasty judgements and emotional reconciliations of Georgian-era English gentility. An NYPD detective coming to terms with his estranged wife while rescuing hostages from Russian terrorists. The act of taking a journey through mentally and physically challenging terrain, of coming face-to-face with adversity and accomplishing a resolution, yields a cathartic release and reminds us of our own humanity.

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(Originally published July 20, 2018 for Magenic Technologies Inc.)

Planning for Virtual and Augmented Reality

by Meghan Lien, David Hinson, and Airan Wright

As people, we have been telling stories visually since our ancestors dwelled in caves. We may live in the real world but we dream beyond it. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) allow us to break out of the “real world” and into something new. Done right these technologies can fundamentally enhance or expand your business capabilities and the experience of your users.

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(Originally published October 16, 2017 for Magenic Technologies Inc.)