Where You Are

0016_Durrett and Davio Where You Are

Airan Wright: Woodwinds
Recording with Daniel Durrett and Nick Davio
Nick Davio: Composition
Airan Wright: Woodwind Choir Arrangement

Song Information
Woodwind InstrumentationBassoon, Saxes (Soprillo, Sop, Alto, Ten, Bari), Flute, Piccolo, Clarinets (Eb, Bb, Bass)
Mixing and MasteringDaniel Durrett
ProducersDaniel Durrett and Nick Davio
ArtworkSage Haight
ReleasedFebruary 16, 2021

The Land Beyond the Sky

From Campfire SciFi

Airan Wright: Woodwinds
Kelly Wright: Vocals
Airan Wright: Animation, Composition, Lyrics, Audio/Video Production

Song Information
InstrumentationVocals, Bassoons w/ FX, Saxes (Sop, Alto, Ten, Bari), Flute, Clarinets (Bb, Bass)
Animation and IllustrationProcreate
ReedsLégère reeds on all woodwinds
FXLine-6 M9, DigiTech Vocalist Live 3
AudioLogic Pro (Recording), Adobe Audition (Editing)
VideoPremiere Pro

“Christmas Things Vol. 1: Runaway Christmas”

Airan Wright: Woodwinds, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Percussion
Airan Wright, Kelly Wright, David Cron: Compositions
Airan Wright: Audio Production, Design

Album Information
Kelly WrightVocals, Guitar, Tambourine
Airan WrightWoodwinds, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Percussion
David CronBrass
DePaul University Trombone ChoirTrombones (Track 4: Ave Maria – Bruckner)