NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concert Featuring Mucca Pazza

Airan Wright: Bari Sax, Clarinet
Performing with Mucca Pazza
Bob Boilen, Maggie Starbard: Producers
Kevin Wait: Audio Engineer
Colin Marshall, Morgan McCloy, Maggie Starbard: Videographers
Nick Michael: Assistant Producer
Colin Marshall/NPR: Photography

Tiny Desk Set List
Subtle Frenzy (0:00)Ronnie Kuller
J’Accuse (3:08)Dave Smith
Dirty Chompers (6:34)Andy Deitrich
Holiday On Ice (9:19)Mark Messing
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Mucca Pazza
Ronnie KullerAccordion
Charlie MalaveGuitar
Greg HirteViolin
Nora BartonCello
Gary KalarMandolin
Andy Deitrich, Larry Beers, Brent Roman, Daniel Villarreal, Rick KubesK12
Dave SmithAlto Sax, Clarinet
Maria HernandezTenor Sax
Airan WrightBari Sax, Clarinet
Tom CurrySousaphone
Nick Broste, Tom Howe, Elanor Leskiw, Melissa McNealTrombone
Justin Amolsch, Sam Johnson, Nick SiegelTrumpet
Sharon Lanza, Vanessa ValliereCheer