Ancestral Interference

0010_Ancestral Interference

From Improvised Songs Vol. 2

Airan Wright: Woodwinds
Nora Barton (Planchette): Cello
Matthew Shelton (Flex Your Love Muscles): Videography
Airan Wright: Audio/Video Production

Song Information
InstrumentationCello w/ FX, Bassoon, Saxes (Soprillo, Sop, Alto, Ten, Bari), Flute, Piccolo, Clarinets (Eb, Bb, Bass)
ReedsLégère reeds on all woodwinds
FXLine-6 M9, DigiTech Vocalist Live 3
AudioLogic Pro (Recording), Adobe Audition (Editing)
VideoPremiere Pro
Nora Barton
Matthew Shelton
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Treefingers (for Wind Dectet)

0011_Ravenswood Winds Treefingers for dectet

Airan Wright: Bassoon, Soprano Sax
Performing with Ravenswood Winds
Radiohead: Composition
Airan Wright: Arrangement, Audio/Visual Production
Matthew Shelton (Flex Your Love Muscles Studios): Videography
Susie Inverso (Crimson Cat Studios): Photography

Ravenswood Winds
Lily FloeterFlute, Piccolo
Laura PerkettOboe, English Horn
Colleen GriggsClarinet, Bass Clarinet
Justin AmolschHorn, Trumpet
Airan WrightBassoon, Soprano Sax

Barbarous Relic (Video)

Airan Wright: Bari Sax
Performing with Mucca Pazza
Andy Deitrich: Composition
Matthew Shelton: Videography
Leather Bus Records, July 2017

Mucca Pazza
Ronnie KullerAccordion
Charlie MalaveGuitar
Amanda BaileyViolin
Nora BartonCello
Jim DrakeMandolin
Andy Dietrich, Larry Beers, Dave Agee, John Carroll, Brent Roman, Sarah Morgan Hall, Rick KubesK12
Dave SmithAlto Sax
Maria HernandezTenor Sax
Airan Wright, Garrick SmithBari Sax
Mike Hogg, Jim LangenbergSousaphone
Nick Broste, Tom Howe, Melissa McNeal Adams, Neil BrownTrombone
Justin Amolsch, Sam Johnson, Nick Siegel, Susie Inverso, Jim McBrideTrumpet
Sharon Lanza, Vanessa Valliere, Meghan Strell, Rawson Vint, Katy CollinsCheer