Zagnoli McEvoy Foley Focus Group Webcast

Airan Wright: UX, Fixed Page HTML, Streaming R&D, Development
Client: Zagnoli McEvoy Foley
Project: Focus Group Webcasting from remote locations to remote locations through a central hub at ZMF offices in Chicago


  • Secure Access
  • Multiple live simulcast video feeds, broadcast from Chicago or abroad
  • Client chat room with breakout rooms (one per video feed)
  • Archived video for download post-focus group

Built for use at home or at an offsite focus group facility, ZMF Webcast included three cameras and laptops, capturing live video and pushing the stream back to a central server hosted locally in Chicago. Clients logged in remotely, accessing the stream and chat room from the comfort of their own locale, and interacting with each moderator on the ground in real time, prompting questions and gaining immediate feedback without incurring travel expenses.