Patreon and the Bite-Sized Art

I’ve set up a Patreon account for publishing semi-daily content! If you are interested, please head on over. Your generous support will go directly towards helping with:

  • contributing to the budget for hiring other talented individuals (musicians, visual artists, writers, directors, etc) for collaborations
  • assisting with the less glamorous expenses like purchasing reeds, art supplies, online hosting, and the like
  • mentally saying “art is worth the effort”; a feeling for which I am eternally grateful

There are three levels, but all of them will get access to the art I post. The first one’s for free, as they say…

April 4th Post:

In my attempt to be a better all around storyteller, I have a daily goal to create several small 5-min pieces of art a day that both support each other to build a narrative and/or can stand on their own. For instance, I keep a “melody journal” where I compose something simple most days. A 16-bar melody or a groove with chords or, maybe, a longer piece if it’s the weekend and I have time. I also try to sketch or watercolor. And write a little bit. And maybe take a photo or two…all to keep me moving the ball forward instead of waiting for an hour or two to show up before I decide to practice creating things. Bite-sized art, if you will.

I’d like to make my Patreon a place to post these tiny morsels for your enjoyment. Maybe something bigger will come out of them. Will anyone know? The answer to that is yes! You will! Because you’ll see it here first. 😉

Anyway, I will work to post these at the end of each day and maybe they’ll be entertaining for you at the start of your following morning. Some days I just won’t be able to do it, but most days I will. Thank you for being here!

For today’s outing I started down a bright shiny Bob Ross path but, as the night got long, it sort of turned into a look at human failure. Or at least what could be if we don’t fight for something better. If you are seeing this first thing in the morning, my apologies. All I can say is that these won’t all be as sobering as this one.

“Morning Dew” (View AUDIO | SCORE | PDF Image and Story)
Composition: 1-min piece on electric piano (MIDI plus PDF Score)
Art: watercolor and digital media
Writing: microstory on the plight of mankind and the persistence of nature