Where You Are

0016_Durrett and Davio Where You Are

Airan Wright: Woodwinds
Recording with Daniel Durrett and Nick Davio
Nick Davio: Composition
Airan Wright: Woodwind Choir Arrangement

Song Information
Woodwind InstrumentationBassoon, Saxes (Soprillo, Sop, Alto, Ten, Bari), Flute, Piccolo, Clarinets (Eb, Bb, Bass)
Mixing and MasteringDaniel Durrett
ProducersDaniel Durrett and Nick Davio
ArtworkSage Haight
ReleasedFebruary 16, 2021

2020: The Musical!

Airan Wright: Saxes (Alto, Bari), Flute, Clarinets (Bb, Bass)
Robbie Ellis: Musical Arrangements and Production

Production Information
Ben Auxier and Brian HutherCreators
Friend Dog StudiosExecutive Producer
Shane SimmonsProducer
Jack C. NewellDirector
Wesley NottCinematography

Airan Wright: Saxes (Alto, Bari), Flute, Clarinets (Bb, Bass)
Robbie Ellis: Musical Arrangements and Production
Jake Dewar: Guitar
Amanda Buckley, Jake Dewar and Robbie Ellis: Additional Vocals
Michael Foster: Voice Over

Full Soundtrack
1. You’re Never Gonna Leave
2. You’re On Mute
3. Whatever it Takes
4. Kid Jails
5. Seasons of F***
6. Hindsight is 2020

Elizabethan Pulp

Airan Wright: Bassoon, Flute, Recorders (Sop, Alto, Ten)
Joe Griffin: Producer, Recording and Mixing
Released March 30, 2020
In support of the theater production Commedia Beauregard presents Bard Fiction by Ben Tallen, Aaron Greer, and Brian Watson-Jones (authors).

The Crusty Jugglers
Justin AmolschBrass, Keyboards, Percussion
Airan WrightBassoon, Flute, Recorders (Sop, Alto, Ten)
Joe GriffinGuitars, Percussion


Airan Wright: Tenor Sax, EWI, Guitar
Performing with In the Flesh (Echoes of Pink Floyd)
Pink Floyd: Composer
Recorded live at The Wire

In the Flesh
Paul WillaertGuitar, Vocals
Mac WillaertKeyboard, Vocals
Peter PapageorgeVocals
Eric HillBass
Megan ThomasPercussion
Jeffrey MoneyDrums
Airan WrightTenor Sax, EWI, Guitar

Dog Days Are Over

Featured Images: The Real Gone Dog Days Are Over

Airan Wright: Tenor Sax, Bari Sax, EWI
Performing with The Real Gone
Florence + the Machine: Composition
Performed live at JJ’s Lounge

The Real Gone
Phil LazzariGuitar
Raymond RamirezGuitar
Jeffrey Michael BellaBass
Bret FiguraDrums
Airan WrightTenor Sax, Bari Sax, EWI